You can do a variety of crafts at home with yarn. The list of tutorials below would give you a fair idea. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to recycle yarn. If you can’t go out on a snowy or rainy day, you can keep yourself engaged and let your creative juices flow with these art and craft projects. Acquaint yourself with the different types of no knit yarn crafts like yarn wrapping, yarn thread weaving and other projects with this article as your guide.

Art Project Ideas

Crafts with Yarn and Popsicle Sticks

Crafts with Yarn and Popsicle Sticks
  1. This cute yarn popsicle stick doll craft is perfect for the dollhouse or pretend play.
  2. This colorful popsicle and yarn craft butterfly would be a hit with kids.
  3. Turtle crafts to do with popsicle sticks and yarn uses the God’s eye weaving pattern
  4. Wizard hat arts and crafts with popsicle sticks and yarn

God’s Eye Yarn Craft

God’s Eye Yarn Craft
  1. Yarn God’s eye craft allows you to combine yarn of different colors
  2. This God’s eye yarn craft looks beautiful as a wall hanging.
  3. A yarn God’s eye would be a favorite activity for a summer camp.
  4. Mexican yarn craft
  5. Yarn diamond craft

Seasons and Holidays

Christmas Yarn Crafts

Christmas Yarn Crafts
  1. Yarn toque (miniature yarn winter hat) craft
  2. Yarn wrapped reindeer craft would help in fine motor development in children
  3. Yarn angel ornament craft
  4. Yarn candy cane craft is a marvelous decoration to hang on the wall
  5. If it’s snowing and you can’t go outside, you can have a blast indoors with yarn snowballs craft ideal for winters
  6. Yarn snowman craft
  7. Yarn wrapped star craft
  8. Yarn wreath ornament craft would look dainty on your Christmas tree.

Yarn Christmas Tree Craft

Yarn Christmas Tree Craft
  1. Yarn Christmas tree craft is made with twigs as the base
  2. Make a Christmas tree craft with yarn during the holidays
  3. DIY Christmas yarn crafts for kids use glue, scissors, cardboard, pom poms and green yarn as the supplies
  4. Yarn wrapped Christmas tree craft

Valentine’s Day Yarn Crafts

Valentine’s Day Yarn Crafts
  1. Yarn wine bottle craft can be decorated with felt flowers and buttons.
  2. Yarn sewing crafts use paper plates as their base.

Yarn Heart Craft

Yarn Heart Craft
  1. Valentine yarn hearts craft would win over your beloved in no time
  2. Yarn wrapped hearts craft would make an excellent gift
  3. Yarn heart Valentine crafts
  4. Nail and yarn craft is for beginners in thread art

Easter Crafts Using Yarn

Easter Crafts Using Yarn
  1. Yarn bunny craft can be made using cardboard tubes
  2. Thick yarn bunnies craft
  3. Yarn eggs craft would make a brilliant Easter decoration.
  4. You can also make Easter egg crafts with yarn and balloons
  5. Yarn Easter crafts

Thanksgiving Yarn Crafts

Thanksgiving Yarn Crafts
  1. Yarn turkey craft is made with a paper plate.
  2. Yarn pom pom turkey craft
  3. This beautiful yarn turkey wall hanging is made by weaving yarn on a paper plate

Yarn Halloween Crafts

Yarn Halloween Crafts
  1. A cool yarn ghost craft garland can be used as a spooky decoration item
  2. Easy spider web craft with yarn
  3. Halloween yarn craft idea for kids
  4. Orange yarn pumpkin craft can be a charming decoration for fall
  5. Spider yarn craft would give you the creeps
  6. Yarn wrapped mummy craft looks scary

Age-Based Crafts

Preschool Yarn Crafts

Preschool Yarn Crafts
  1. Simple yarn butterfly craft for 3 year olds.
  2. DIY yarn bowl craft would have the 4-year-olds hooked
  3. Brighten up any room of the house with this fun and simple yarn flower craft for toddlers
  4. Make alphabet learning fun for children with yarn letters craft
  5. Crafts with sticks and yarn for preschoolers
  6. Lion craft out of yarn is made with a paper plate and orange yarn
  7. Strengthen the fine motor skills of your little one with this bright rainbow yarn craft perfect for spring
  8. Yarn hair craft

Easy Yarn Crafts for Kids

Easy Yarn Crafts for Kids
  1. Cardboard and yarn cross craft for kids helps them to improve their fine motor skills. They can use it for their Easter decorations.
  2. Yarn pom pom monster crafts for kids
  3. Yarn sheep craft
  4. Yarn apple craft
  5. Yarn octopus buddies craft makes a great gift and can be hung on your backpack
  6. These fall crafts with yarn are a combination of fine motor skills and art
  7. Unicorn yarn craft can be an attractive display
  8. Yarn owl crafts need just yarn, pipe cleaners and buttons as supplies

Yarn Crafts for Adults

Yarn Crafts for Adults
  1. This yarn and hot glue coaster craft can be done without knitting, but it requires some braiding
  2. Rug yarn crafts can give a luxe feel to your interior décor.
  3. DIY yarn carpet craft is made with t-shirt yarn
  4. Quick and easy yarn basket craft can be made in any size you want.
  5. Yarn bird nest craft can be filled with plastic eggs
  6. Yarn tassel bookmark craft can be a nice gift for a book-lover friend
  7. Braided yarn dolls craft for girls could be a DIY toy or a handmade gift. You can follow the same instructions to make yarn people craft.
  8. Throw a fit yarn craft would be an excellent gift for a co-worker

Yarn Animal Crafts

Yarn Animal Crafts
  1. Finger knit yarn snakes would be a favorite craft for teens and tweens
  2. Yarn dogs craft is made out of soft, fluffy wool yarn.
  3. Yarn bird craft can be made with scrap yarn in 3-4 different colors
  4. Yarn cat crafts

Yarn Crafts for Seniors

Yarn Crafts for Seniors
  1. These yarn covered tin cans boast of a crocheted look.
  2. Woven yarn and cardboard cookie stars
  3. Yarn glue ball craft would be delightful to make.
  4. Easy yarn bracelet crafts for seniors using toilet paper rolls
  5. Yarn ball balloon craft
  6. Yarn pine cone crafts would be apt for fall
  7. Your granddaughter would love these yarn jewelry crafts

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