Cork is a versatile crafting element. You can use wine corks, champagne corks or any bottle cork for a plethora of art and craft projects. We have curated some of the best DIYs that you can make using corks. Used corks can be made into dainty X-mas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine and fall décor items. So now you can stop wondering what to do with corks.

Art Project Ideas

Cork Hot Plate Craft

Cork Hot Plate Craft
  1. This DIY cork hot plate would look dainty on your dining table.
  2. This cork hot plate keeps your counter and table safe while jazzing up your kitchen at the same time.
  3. Cork trivet craft
  4. This ombre cork trivet would add a hint of charm to your kitchen

Cork Coasters for Crafts

Cork Coasters for Crafts
  1. This cork coaster craft is made with an embroidery hoop
  2. This square cork coaster craft idea adds exuberance to your dining table
  3. Cork picture frame craft
  4. Coaster craft idea made using corks
  5. DIY square cork coasters can be a brilliant gift idea.

Seasons and Holidays

Christmas Cork Crafts

Christmas Cork Crafts
  1. You can jazz up your Christmas tree cork craft with twine, ribbon, green and glitter paint.
  2. You just need to know the right way of stacking corks together for this cork Christmas tree craft
  3. Cork snowman craft
  4. Cork candy cane holiday craft
  5. You can make a cork horse ornament craft by gluing wine corks together and decorating it with felt strips.
  6. DIY Christmas cork crafts
  7. Easy Christmas crafts with corks

Cork Reindeer Craft

Cork Reindeer Craft
  1. Cork reindeer ornaments are cheap and really easy to make. The pipe cleaner antlers and googly eyes would catch your attention.
  2. These Rudolf the reindeer cork ornaments are soaked in the yuletide spirit.
  3. Cork reindeer craft idea
  4. This cork reindeer ornament craft makes a perfect hostess gift. You can also use it to decorate a wrapped present.

Halloween and Fall Cork Crafts

Halloween and Fall Cork Crafts
  1. You can make a cork pumpkin craft for fall or Halloween. The fun project is easy to do.
  2. Easy fall cork pumpkin craft
  3. Halloween crafts with wine corks
  4. Add a festive fall vibe to your home or office with a pumpkin cork craft

Easter Cork Crafts

Easter Cork Crafts
  1. You can make tiny cork pocket bunnies with wine corks, felt scraps and a black marker. It would keep little hands busy during the holiday.
  2. You can make a cute cork bunny for a cool tic tac toe Easter game.
  3. A cork Easter flower wreath craft would add flair to your home during the holiday. You would need a lot of wine corks for the craft.

Cork Thanksgiving Crafts

Cork Thanksgiving Crafts
  1. Cork turkey craft gives you the opportunity of making good use of your craft stash.
  2. The feathers of these cork turkeys are made with cupcake liners
  3. Thanksgiving cork crafts

Valentine Cork Crafts

Valentine Cork Crafts
  1. Cork wine toppers make your wine bottles look festive.
  2. Cork love bugs craft idea would keep preschoolers hooked.
  3. You could use recycled cork butterflies as romantic wall décor.
  4. Welcome family and visitors with this simple Valentine heart wreath

Age-Based Crafts

Cork Crafts for Kids

Cork Crafts for Kids
  1. Kids would love to make and play with these DIY cork bunnies
  2. The sparkly sails of these cork sailboats for preschoolers would keep the little ones entertained for hours.
  3. Cork butterfly craft
  4. Kids train craft with corks has button wheels to actually move it.

Cork Crafts for Adults

Cork Crafts for Adults
  1. To make this cork bath mat, you need to first boil the corks before cutting them.
  2. You can use champagne corks to make a fun cork people craft that uses friendship thread for the hair.
  3. Cork board craft can be a quirky addition to your wall
  4. Make your own cork board with push pins

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